Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day Breakfast - Bacon Corn Frittata w. Parmesan Cheese

I love the Holiday season - spending time with friends and my favorite sin of all time - gluttony. I admit the Holidays do become truly exhausting... after days of eating out or eating at others' homes and hearing mom dictate what to do in her kitchen I started missing cooking in my own kitchen. Some of the few dishes made during the month of December.

Galbi Jim - Korean Braised Short Ribs over Rice

Pork & Watercress Soup

Chinese Steamed Fish - The best part if pouring the hot fragrant oil over the fish.

Appetizer Experiment - Chicken Drumette Lollipops. I wish I remembered what I marinated the chicken in, so I could change up the combination. Flavor was only eh.

Weeknight Dinner - Three Cheese Tortellini from BJs w. Home Made Tomato Sauce (yes, from that batch of CSA tomatoes purchased over the summer) w. a side of Garlic Spinach.

Will post photos of the Holiday meals later..


x dee said...

This all looks SO good. YUM!

Yvo said...

I know I'm exhausted from all everything and just want to go home and crawl into a black hole of sleep. I'm even passing up dim sum tomorrow morning because I just can't deal with anymore right now. Bleh.
Hope you're having a happy new year :)