Monday, January 19, 2009

Orla Kiely for Target

No food porn tonight but something related to the kitchen & home.. Is anyone else excited about the Orla Kiely collection for Target?? I'm normally into very simple settings and colors however one would think a bright lively kitchen would help motivate the chef. It's hard to work with horridly painted burnt orange cabinets, faux granite countertops and fluorescent ceiling lighting but I attemped to brighten it up a bit with colorful tea towels. Unfortunately it stopped there about 2 years ago and I'm looking to update the kitchen. Something about those pops of colors and patterns make me happy. I need a few of these pieces to brighten up my dungeon apartment.

Images courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Speaking of goodies for the kitchen I'm proud to introduce you to my new lovelies in the kitchen.. Christmas presents from C and my brother. C is also paying for my knife skills class so he can finally be at ease not worrying if my finger will end up in his supper.

Global Prep Knife Set

Index Chopping Boards

Knife Stand by Eva Solo

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Yvo said...

I think you and I should go shopping at Target together and then hit up a local restaurant for some grub... :)