Saturday, November 22, 2008

Linguine w. Clams

Calling the BF, 'BF' makes me feel like I'm in 6th grade. From now on he's 'C'. Ok, now that's out of the way, let me introduce you to my signature dish, as C would call it. Linguine w. Clams. However this is Babbo's rendition of it. Having dined at Babbo's twice I've never ordered the dish. I've never been inclined to order this particular dish at any restaurant. Though usually one of the cheaper items on the menus of several Italian restaurants I feel like I can make the equivalent (or better *snort*) at home. Either that or I'm too scared to find a recipe better than mine. Well Mr. Batali might have me there.

The recipe was adapted from here. The
Barton & Guestier Vouvray used is one of my favorite white wines. My wine noob vocab describes this wine as crisp, fruity and slightly sweet though not as syrupy as Rieslings I used to drink. What's even better is that it usually costs about $8-9 at the liquor store. I don't recall which restaurant introduced me to this bottle - perhaps because I drank several. May not have been the best wine to use for the recipe but it was what I had on hand. The dish was delish nonetheless.

Well Mr. Batali, this dish was deliciously superb if it is indeed your own creation. I am now ruined though and can't think that highly about my own rendition ever again - thanks!

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Yvo said...

Hahaha I never consistently use one name for the BF on my blog :) it's B or the BF usually.
(I hear people refer to theirs as "The Boy" and for some reason, that actually annoys me =X haha)
I never make or order this dish. It's a long, complex story about me growing up eating clam white sauce and one day ordering it and getting what you made and being really pissed off. It's a fun story =P