Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I took home these gorgeous prairie roses from the Farmer's Market on Friday to accompany me during my weekend at home. I had no concrete plans and it was WAY too hot to go out or do anything. Nothing like a day home on the sofa in PJs, eating of course.

Grilled Cheese with Egg and Canadian Bacon

Beef Souvlakis on Pita w. Greek Salad & Faux Tzaziki (not pictured)
No photos of any of them built - too hungry.

White Bean Dip courtesy of Giada

The BF and I decided to take a brief walk to get out of the apartment even
for a few minutes. The landlord was outside watching this chicken graze in our neighbors front lawn.. err grass patch. I know he was tempted to take it home for dinner..


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Yvo said...

lol, where the hell did a chicken come from?! And I have that recipe of white bean dip bookmarked - haven't made it yet - was it good? :)