Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meal for the 'Rents

Sunday I cooked dinner for my parents and invited them over. My mom has been to my place before but this was the first time for daddy. The dishes were not very photogenic but delish they were. There were so much leftover that we had the oxtail for dinner last night.

Kare Kare Filipino Stewed Oxtail in Peanut Broth (shown above), Simple Salad & Steamed Black Bass Chinese Style


Yvo said...

Wow, that's crazy! Haha I can't/don't steam whole fish... I should but I don't. Well, I have no one to make that for actually. And when I cook for Mom, oh hell naw am I making Asian style food... hahaha. Then again that's what she likes, maybe I should start :P

BTW, I forgot to ask you if you've ever been to Elvie's and what you think of it - if it's authentic or what. It's the only place I've ever had Filipino food, aside from lumpia at a friend's house in HS (his mom made a huge batch). OH AND if you can help me figure out where to get the delicious liver sauce...

PabloPabla said...

Hi Lizz,

Good looking photos. You can improve them tremendously by taking the photos with natural sunlighting.

All the best with your food blog :D

Lizz said...

Hi Pablo, I wish I had natural light. I live in a dungeon!

Diana Grace said...

Kare, Kare! Yum!

oops, this is Dee by the way!