Friday, August 29, 2008

The BFs Dish

This is a dish my boyfriend recommended. His father made it at home so we tried it previously as I looooove lettuce wraps. They feel and taste so clean and I find it fun to create your own wraps with various toppings/sauces. It's like a mini buffet for me. We didn't use as many add ons as the previous time - I think I went overboard. Only soy sauce with chili padi and fried onions for me. I could eat them shits like onion rings .. mmm.

Lettuce Wraps with Ground Pork and Soy Beans.

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Yvo said...

Yummm!!! What's chili padi?

So I searched for lobster thermidor and only found two places. One where it's a variation and is one of the original places to make it (supposedly) and it's called Lobster Newburg and it's... $47... at Delmonico's steakhouse. The steak is really good there though so we could totally split each if you wanted lol. (Coincidentally, their namesake steak is served there with fried onions on top, so good.)

The other was SMAC (or was it Super Mac?) and obviously that would be super cheaper but not REAL lobster thermidor. But it's called that. I say we go there and eat that instead :) LET ME KNOW, I've been DYING to try the mac & cheese places and it's getting colder so I won't mind eating heavy cheesy pasta yummm *drool* :)