Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maine Lobster Festival 2008

The girls and I went on our "Annual" Girls' Maine Roadtrip for the Maine Lobster Festival. It was the second consecutive year but they're already thinking about 2009. I love the escape from the city. No, we didn't party in our hotel room, play dress up or go to the bars and stumble around New England like intoxicated college students but we did massive shopping, eating, and sleeping (yes ,my kind of vacation). I was aghast after calculating how much I'd spent that weekend that the huge majority of my funds went to food. My biggest souvenirs were some live lobsters for the BF, a table lamp and a much bigger waistline.

Some pictures from the Girls' Maine Roadtrip 2008 a couple weeks ago.

Come to momma.. one of the many that weekend.

Cappy's Chowder House
- Second time eating here. The only things I really liked here are the clam chowder and the potent drinks! Nothing like a buzz at noon. Photo is of the bakery side on the side street.

Our second night in Maine we dined at Francine Bistro in Camden for dinner. Lovely, cozy place that changes their menu daily depending on what is locally available . With only 4 apps and 4 entrees on the menu we ordered one of each. Our dinner was very meat heavy but extremely good. A nice break from all the seafood we ate for lunch. Sorry no photos.

On our last night we decided to try Lily Bistro a fabulous new place on Main St. in Rockland per the recommendation of the sweet storekeeper at G.F. Mac Gregors. I don't recall all the names of the dishes except mine. Another enjoyable dinner.

Duck in some kind of orange sauce

Pork Steak with Fried Green Tomatoes

Pan Fried Red Fish (?) on Ratatouille - The fish looked like a red snapper which I love. The Ratatouille was a replacement for the Lobster Mashed Potatoes that ran out. Boo.

They seated us in the downstairs dining area since the upstairs was packed. The owner repeatedly apologized for not being able to provide us seating upstairs. Why no one would want to sit down here - I don't know. Though it looks like a dungeon in the photo, it was alot more charming than the rowdy upstairs. Behind the photographer was an entire wall custom made to hold bottles of wines. We were alone so it was also like private dining!

Lobster Roll dredged in butter from Red's Eats

Til next year..

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