Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crab Congee

The first time I've ever had crab congee was at my BF's parents' place. I sure licked that bowl clean. BF decided to replicate it last night. Me being the sous chef had the glamorous duty of opening and cleaning the raw & and very well alive blue crabs that were squirming for their lives as I ripped their top shells open. Me being an avid crab eater & dare I say expert in eating "cooked" blue crabs, this was supposed to be an easy feat but this job got me squealing and screaming everytime a claw would grasp my hands. Thanks, hun for giving me this opportunity.

Sauteed Veggies w. Garlic as a Side

Salt & Pepper Shrimp as a Side

Other dishes from this past week:
Fried Noodles in Garlic Shrimp adapted from here - added cured pork belly & kale

Korean Bulgogi Beef Lettuce Wraps

Topped with shredded carrot, fried onions & our own version of ssamjang.

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Yvo said...

Looks so good!!! I still remember the first time a crab pinched me. It was in an awkward place. Everyone laughed at me for crying. Joke's on them, 28 years of eating crabs and 4 year working in a crab bar, only one pinching, I'm expert :D