Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leggo my Ligo

Ligo branded sardines are apparently a Filipino staple in the pantry which is probably the equivalent to say canned beans, vegetables, soups, or tuna found in American pantries. I originally stocked a few cans of these as well as other canned & frozen foods in case one day we can't afford real food or to keep my BF fed when I'm out for the night and unable to make supper. The products of my kindness just sit in the pantry collecting dust as he usually reaches for the instant noodles 100% of the time. Figured it was time to take a taste.

On a lazy Sunday I decided to make something familiar and fairly easy - one that does not require to think or surf the web for recipes. This is my go-to dish when I'm not in the mood for anything complicated and have too much pork in the freezer. The dish has been prepared many times in order to perfect it's taste to my liking. However tonight the proportions of water & soy sauce were incorrect and the Adobo did not come out as I'd like. The sauce was boiled down to nothing but a glaze and everything in the pot was overly salty. I'll post the recipe if I get it right again.

Filipino Pork Adobo w. Potatoes

Sardines in Chili Tomato Sauce w. Onions & Sauteed Bok Choy (again

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Yvo said...

Thanks for the coupon! and your dinner still looks YUMMY!!!

Dee said...

Oh my gosh! LIGO!

I haven't had that in a minute! Hmm, I believe it's time to raid my parents' pantry! :-P

Lizz said...

It's good stuff! Believe it or not I never had it when I lived at home with the parents. I was deprived of this delicious stuff~!