Monday, October 13, 2008

October Weekend Fare

It's been about 3 weeks since my surgery so I've been ready and craving the big stuff. Saturday's dinner - Tortellini w. Brown Butter Sauce, Bacon & Peas. Mmm cheese filled pasta coated in glistening lard and browned bacon bits from the bottom of the pan.

I bought a couple cans of the Cappy's Chowder from Maine so that I could recreate it for Sunday's hearty first course.

Not complete without the dash of paprika. Almost as good as Cappy's.

The cast iron pan I purchased to make frittatas at a bridal shower was finally used to cook what it was meant to. A fatass rib-eye, seared a la Alton Brown. Emeril's Essence was added along with salt & pepper because it's like our crack or MSG - mm that and Old Bay.

For anyone who likes their steak cooked 'well-done', please stop reading (jk). Sorry, I just don't understand wasting $$ on a nice fatty piece of steak when all you're going to do is make it into rubber. Go buy a $2 chuck steak. I notice a lot of women being fussy about seeing red/pink, bloody beef but gentlemen grow some fucking balls and eat that bloody slab!

Red is not really my thing but this bottle has been sitting at home since the dinner I threw for BF's birthday back in May. I know nothing about red wine but this one paired up with the rib eye nicely. Not so much with the clam chowder we had as a first course.

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Yvo said...

That's a nice shot of the wine bottle! Yum, your dinner sounds fun and nice. Glad you're feeling better - in time for Friday ;)
I, too, am still just learning about wine. Last night, I discovered it really does pay to ask the waitress (or sommelier) to help guide you and be really honest about what you like, even if your tastes run to the ... shall we say... "pedestrian" side lol (mine do, a bit). Hahahahahaha